Understanding NAD+ and NAD+ Therapy

Nicotinamide Adenamide Dinucleotide commonly referred to as NAD+ is present in all cells that define your life. It works as a coenzyme of vitamin B3. NAD+ controls many reactions than any other vitamin-derived molecule. The chemical compound is responsible for the transfer of energy from food to the rest of the body; therefore, NAD+ is vital for our existence.

NAD+ Therapy

When a substantial amount of NAD+ is introduced into the bloodstream through an intravenous infusion (IV), this will help bypass the digestive and head directly to the cells and start repair work. NAD+ therapy allows your cells to produce more energy leads to the optimization of cellular functions in the whole body.

Since NAD+ is an important molecule in the, a high dose administered through IV therapy is helpful in many ways to patients with physical and mental conditions. Patients who use NAD+ therapy show high levels of energy, focus, mental clarity, better eyesight, improved memory recall, decreased pain, and better hearing.

How NAD+ Therapy Works Helps In Anti-Aging

As we get old, our cells become less efficient due to the gradual reduction of NAD+ levels in the cells. Introduction of NAD+ enhances cell tissue protection, initiate DNA repair, and increase cell longevity. Several research students have been investigating these properties bring in the discussions of NAD+ therapy as a possible treatment for age-related and degenerative diseases.

In as much, no confirmation has been proved on the claim that NAD+ reverses the aging process, there is enough reason to prove that NAD+ can help in slowing down the aging process. All effects of aging which is now considered a disease because of its relation with diseases that are associated with age may be slowed down by the introduction of NAD+ therapy as part of daily routine.

However, some questions still need to get appropriate answers, because recent studies indicate that NAD+ therapy show levels of toxicity and are effective towards a longer and a better life.

NAD+ Therapy and Exercise

Studies indicate that giving athletes a dose of an antioxidant supplement before an exercise show that their levels of NAD+ increased and therefore show a lot of improvement in performance and endurance.

Most athletes who use supplements use the oral ones from over the counter; this also indicates that if they use a direct IV method, they will be more effective in their respective performances. NAD+ therapy can be introduced to a new athlete who wants to meet exercise goals.

NAD+ Therapy and Addiction

alcohol addictionWhen you find the detox option a difficult routine to help fight addiction, try the NAD therapy, and your cells will start the repair process. NAD+ reduces cravings associated with withdrawal symptoms because of using drugs and alcohol. This form of therapy is believed to be a natural and a simple solution to handle addiction.

When you use NAD as a detoxifier, the brain becomes covered with natural therapeutic coenzymes that will flush out stored drugs from the body and other organs. This cleanup help restores brain balance. The expectations from this therapy include mental clarity, concentration, more energy, increased focus, and an overall better mood